Reaching In

The Christian journey involves reaching. God reaches towards us. In response, we are stretched, reaching towards God, reaching deeper within ourselves, reaching toward those within our church community, and reaching beyond our walls. The ministries that “Reach In” are those that not only support our worship experiences, but also provide opportunities for fun, fellowship, sharing, and caring. 

Altar Guild… Prepare the church for all services. Teams work one week a month caring for any services scheduled that week. New members train working alongside their team.

Lay Readers/Chalice… Assist in the service by reading the lessons, Psalm, and Prayers of the People. The Chalice Bearers pass the Chalice after the Priest serves the communion wafers.
Acolyte….Assist the priest in the church service: process and recess carrying the cross, assist with gospel reading and preparing for Eucharist. Learn from written procedures and walk through training.
Greeter….Grees parishioners and hands out bulletins prior to the service and records attendance for priest. Presents the offering, and collects the bulletins after the service and takes to the recycle bin.
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)…. Open to all women in our Parish. Meetings are held quarterly in the homes of our members. A great opportunity to meet socially to get to know each other and support our Outreach missions when needed.
Redeemer Men’s Group (RMG)…. Open to all men in our Parish. Spread your “outreach wings” and have fun while doing so. Meetings are quarterly. Meals on Wheels, weekly volunteers delivering food to shut-ins and help serve Spaghetti Supper to Boys and Girls Club two to three times a year.  
Parish Life… Help with social events involving the Parish: coffee hours, funeral receptions, and meals during an illness or injury.  
Foyers…. Parishioners gather in groups for dinner or social activity on a quarterly basis.
Flower Guild…. Assure that altar flowers are present for each Sunday service. Coordinate list of volunteers for weekly flowers.
Caring Committee...Send notes and cards when folks are sick or injured, or celebrating a birthday/anniversary, or just need a pick-me-up.  


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