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We are many kinds. We are black and white, gay and lesbian and straight, some of us have money and education, others not so much; but we are first and foremost followers of Jesus and this was Jesus’ only request of us- that we would love the world because He loves the world, with all of its warts, all of them, and all of its wonders, all of them.”   - Robert C. Wright, 10th Bishop of Atlanta, October 10, 2014

Welcome to the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer


The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
303 North Main Street
Greensboro, Georgia 30642 

[mailing address
The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer 
P.O. Box 93 
Greensboro, Georgia 30642


Phone: 706-453-7171

Email: redeemer1868@gmail.com